Paroru's Future Island
Paroru's Future Island

Paroru's Future Island

TrailerWatch PartyHD5.88201426 min/ep

Rikotto, Zuzu, and Paroru are intelligent furry creatures who believe more than anything that the world outside their island is too dangerous to explore. Despite this, Rikotto and Zuzu long to see the world that produces the mysterious objects that wash up on their shores. After a particularly exciting find, Rikotto convinces Zuzu to build a boat, and they set sail across the sea with their reluctant friend Paroru in tow. At first, the trio finds the foreign land beautiful and exciting, but they are overwhelmed when they come across a bustling city of humans. When Rikotto and Zuzu get captured by a circus ringleader who intends to put them on display, Paroru has to decide what fears he is willing to face for his friends.

Release: 2014

Status: Finished Airing

Scores: 5.88

Duration: 26 min/ep

Quality: HD

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