Angel's Egg
Angel's Egg

Angel's Egg

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The surrealist world of [i]Tenshi no Tamago[i] is desolate and devoid of the bustle of traditional everyday life. Instead, the world is filled with ominous phenomena, including floating orbs populated with statues of goddesses, gargantuan army tanks that seem to move unmanned, armies of fishermen who chase after the shadows of nonexistent fish, and caverns solely decorated with glass vessels of water. In this run-down world, a young girl takes care of a large egg and scavenges for food and drink. She encounters a mysterious man with a cross over his shoulder, who soon becomes curious about who she is and what her egg contains. They decide to explore the lost and broken landscape together, questioning each other about the nature of faith, the purpose of the world, and the origins of their lives. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Studio Deen

Status: Finished Airing

Scores: 7.68

Duration: 71 min/ep

Quality: HD

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