[RAW] Duel Masters VS
[RAW] Duel Masters VS

[RAW] Duel Masters VS

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The most anticipated card game, Duel Masters had returned after 2 years since the battle in the past season. However, Katta Kirifuda once the strongest duelist, is now a year 2 middle school student and had lost his passion of dueling throughout the 2 years, and dreams of curry bread every day. However, after an encounter with the baseball ace, Hokaben, a mysterious duelist and a reunion with his childhood friend Lulu Takigawa, he rekindled his dueling spirit and return to his journey of becoming the strongest duelist. With new friends and rivals and Katta's passionate duelist soul, the greatest battle begins! (Source: Duel Masters Wikia)

Release: 2014



Status: Finished Airing

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